CHINO MATERIALS CORPORATION mainly engaged in international trade business, we export coke, carburant, artificial graphite, amorphous graphite, petroleum coke, ferroalloy, fluorite, anthracite coal and import iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, petroleum coke, all kinds of solid waste, hardware and other metallurgy, casting materials. We also supply iron ore and other raw materials to domestic companies. In recent years, our company make a strategic transformation. Through the effective action of mergers, acquisitions and business integration at home and abroad, our company turned from a single import and export trade company into a metal mineral trade supply group company which rely on resources and integrate upstream-downstream industries, and we also turned from a sale company into a comprehensive enterprise group which combine finance and products. Our company is very famous in the field of graphite and carburant. We become the exclusive supplier of many foreign iron and steel foundry Company. Our company is based on the principle of serving at first and giving priority to the trade service. We are trying to purchase the raw materials for the cooperative enterprise and create more trade opportunities to maximize the profit of the company.

In past, our company mainly export raw material to many international well-known Steel Corp and traders. Now Australia Onesteel, Italy Metallurhe, Germany THYSSENCRUPP COFERAL, Greece SIDENOR companies have established long-term supply relationship with our company. In response to customer’s needs to ensure adequate supply of goods, we signed a supply of iron ore contract and bidding agreement with Australia SEDIBENG LROM ORE (PTY) LTD company .Our company launched a coke export business, at the same time we set up financing, leasing, joint marketing and business relations with large domestic production enterprises such as Huaxin coking, Dongyi coking, Pengfei Department and Jinchang coking. In order to meet the needs of planning, processing and exportation of the coke, we leased T424 and T422 warehouses which are about 63000 square meters, four sets of forklift owned and two processing screening machinery from the stocking bulk cargo logistics center Tianjin Port, provided quality coke for exportation.

We cooperate with Mitsubishi Corporation, Glencore International AG, Singapore Avani Resources Co., Ltd., and HAUSEN resource Pty Limited to export coke, graphite, carburant and other goods as agency. In the first of 2015, CHINO MATERIALS CORPORATION has totally exported 40 million tons metallurgical coating, coke, coking powder to Australia, Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, 7000 tons graphite, carburant to New Zealand, Australia, Spain, Greece, Italy, imported 400,000 tons iron ore from Australia and then sold to many provinces of china.

CHINO MATERIALS CORPORATION will based on the spirit of ‘norm legitimate, faith cooperation, fair competition, equality and development’ business philosophy, striving to be the most outstanding global supply and service providers, and sincerely look forward to your cooperation, create brilliant!

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