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Chino Minerals Corporation was founded originally in Hong Kong in 2001 to invest in worldwide minerals, metals, coal, and metallurgical raw materials related businesses, with the developing requires of the company, Chino Minerals Crop had three divisions named Chino Minerals Trading, Chino Materials Corporation, and Sinocarbon.

Now Chino Materials Corporation as an international trading company majorly focused on exporting metallurgical raw materials including met coke, foundry coke, pet coke, gas coke, semi-coke, Ferro Silicon, Ferro manganese, silicon manganese, pig iron, bauxite, graphite powder, flake graphite, Amorphorus graphite, electrode paste, flint clay, kaolin, brown fused alumina, silicon carbide, silicon metal, magnesite metals and bentonite, & importing iron ore, chrome ore, manganese ore, petroleum coke, different kinds of solid waste scrap such as plastic scraps, waste paper , metals scraps (copper, Aluminium, lead, zinc) and other casting materials.  

Chino Materials also supplies the raw material to their shareholders steel companies--YinXin Iron and Steel Group and the XinGang Steel Group in China. Our total turnover is about 600 million US dollars per annual.

In 2011, Chino Materials commenced strategic restructuring, through several mergers & acquisitions, business restructuring and productive integration, Chino Materials successfully changed its business nature from a traditional trading companies into a resources based competitive integrated enterprise groups. The company is now diversified and integrated internationally through its exploration, mining, processing financial activities, and the supply of upstream and downstream products.

In2015, Chino Materials entered the strategic joint ventures with the listing company named Xinjiang BAi Hua Cun Company which is recognized in stock exchanges in China. Chino Materials has three major business sectors, ferrous metal, ferrous metal mining and mining production, the three core business sectors combine as the company industrial chain which has become a key economic driver, through the integration of industrial chain, along with the global marketing  network, Chino Materials preserves its leading position as the global innovator in the resources industry.  

In the past ten years, Chino Materials achieved significant milestones in building a powerful and highly reputable organization to work &support our clients and in gaining access to international mining and casting industrial, building global business networks, and sourcing industry intelligence on mining and other projects. Chino Materials invests every effort to effectively respond to our clients’ needs and ensure a robust future for the industry. We have also enhanced our service offering to bring our members better networking opportunities, seeking to maximize the company's profits.

Chino Materials has a large client base including major national and international companies, such as Mitsubishi, Glencore,  Thyssencrupp, BHP and so on. In order to meet the supply needs of our clients, Chino Materials has entered into the long-term contracts with many of Australian biggest iron ore mining companies, such as Rio Tinto, Atlas, Cliffs, PMI, and Anglo America with average purchase of 500,000mt  per year. Included in Chino Materials 's list of achievement is the iron ore mining project developing along with CMC at Brokenhill in western New South Wales, Australia with average production of 800,000mt of iron ore per year.

In China, Chino Materials has worked along with Chinese baggiest national steel companies, as well as all levels of government owned steel factories. Companies such as Zhongchu Tianjin, Dawufeng Steel, Tianjin Metal Casting, Tangshan guofeng Steel, Taiyun Steel, Xuzhong Casting, Chongqing Steel, China Minmetals Corporation, Sinochem, and China Base Ningbo Group all have good long-term business relationship with us.

In 2014, with the removal of tariffs on coal by Chinese government, Chino Materials restarted its coal exporting business, through the BAi Hua Cun International Trade Company’s financing facility, Chino Materials built up domestic production with Chinese largest enterprises. Huaxin, Dong Yi Jiao Technology, Pengfei coking and Jinchang coal company all established financial joint adventures and marketing business relationship with us. Chino Materials has leased a 45,000 square meters warehouse in Tianjin Port bulk cargo logistics center in order to meet the requirements of coal stocking, processing and exporting to Glencore, Mitsubishi, BHPB, ESSB, and other consumers in the oversea.

The ten years extensive experience and expertise has enabled Chino Materials to develop broad and deep co-operation with local and international business partners and clients, In the future, Chino Materials will focus on economic development, and constantly improve the ability of independent innovation, aiming on building the value though earnings and dividend growth, keeping the advantage of being an attractive and competitive position internationally.

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