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Luobei to build the "Chinese graphite city"
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Northeast net Hegang April 26 hearing in recent years, Luobei County efforts to create policy "depression", "heights", the establishment of the Industrial Park Management Committee, responsible for graphite resources in the development and construction of the daily management and coordination of services, and the implementation of county-level leadership "of a project, a county level leadership package insurance, a special team, a special implementation of the program, a working mechanism to promote the" way, attract a large number of graphite industry investors invest Luobei, tries their best to build "China graphite city".

Luobei County Yunshan graphite mine graphite mineral resources ranking "Asia the most" proven reserves of 636 million tons, more than 6000 million tons of mineral; ore grade is high, above average geological grade 13%, selected grade up to 18%; all open pit mining; optional, physical methods used for milling can be one-time direct production with carbon content more than 98% of graphite powder and graphite in the domestic industry is the first, known as "Asia's first mine" reputation.

Now, in the park together not only as Haida graphite such "patrons", and like oil in the South China Sea that the new customers. Here has been assigned to 12 households graphite beneficiation enterprises, built 26 production lines, annual processing capacity of up to 25 million tons, yield at about 20 million tons, accounting for 35% of national output, accounting for nearly 50% of the country's export volume of Luobei has become our country and even the world important graphite powder production base. In 2010, Luobei graphite Industrial Park produced a total of graphite ore 308 million tons, production of graphite powder 25.6 million tons, completed in the output value of 690 million yuan, industrial added value of 2.9 billion yuan, paid taxes 514500 million yuan. Graphite economy has become Luobei's financial "cornucopia".

Luobei County Heilongjiang Institute of science and technology powerful alliances, to Yunshan graphite Industrial Park incubator established graphite science and technology research and development platform, strengthen high pure graphite, expanded graphite, graphite battery, flexible graphite, graphite milk, silicified graphite and high-grade graphite products deep processing technology research and development and introduction, the introduction of a number in line with characteristics of Luobei resources, adapt to the needs of the market, to seize the commanding heights of industry of new technologies, new products, promote Luobei graphite industry to high-tech, high added value direction and strategy to upgrade.

In April 12th, the South China Sea oil group started the project implementation of Spherical Graphite Ribbon, the ice breaking field of graphite deep processing "". Nanhai Petroleum Group on investment 2 billion yuan to integrate the graphite enterprise based, and investment of 98 million yuan, the construction of an annual output of 3000 tons of spherical graphite and an annual output of 3 million tons of high graphite carburant project is expected to put into operation at the end of the year. The introduction of Shandong Xinhua Jin group, plans to invest 120000000 yuan to build a spherical graphite production projects, is to handle the approval procedures. In addition, with the Shenzhen beiterui new materials Co., Ltd., Shanshan science and technology, China railway resources company reached a cooperation intention. Is expected to 2013, graphite industry sales income of 5000000000 yuan, 400000000 yuan in taxes paid; by 2015, the annual sales income of 10000000000 yuan, 700000000 yuan in taxes paid.

Luobei county Party Secretary, county Tao Xinshun said: we will use two years, the Luobei provincial construction into a deep processing base of mineral resources, provincial new material demonstration base, and then use three years to build a national graphite industrial base, so that Luobei became the name of China graphite city."

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