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Power surging Miluo Hunan to build billions of carbon indust
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When it comes to Miluo Hunan, the county economy in the province's top ten, into the middle of the top 100, mainly due to the two wings to take off: one wing is a remarkable cycle of economic characteristics, the other wing is carbon industry by leaps and bounds.

Miluo City Xin Xiang carbon products Co., Ltd. chairman Li Yinghe, April 20, 2011 is his most memorable day. On this day, No.75 document of the Ministry of industry and information technology, formally approved the company as "graphitized carbon agent national industry standard system revision unit". With Li Yinghe's words, "to do the standard of the enterprise is quite a sense of dignity and pride."

Forward in time a year, in April 2010, by Xin Xiang carbon products Co., Ltd. independent research and development success "vertical high temperature continuous graphitization furnace production process by the by the carbon industry association organized the national identification of scientific and technological achievements. To enable our country to become have very few continuous production of graphitized carbon agent technology, the results of the project in the international leading level. Likewise, is committed to R & D and production of new materials, high standard, high performance system of products of graphite and carbon carbon composite materials Miluo, Hunan Science and technology new material Co., Ltd. Hunan University Development of carbon nanotubes, C60 project technology and carbon graphite application of technology, relying on the development of international leading series of products. Central South University, and the formation of a domestic top carbon carbon composite materials R & D team, the development of high quality products by mass production and quickly occupied the domestic market.

And in October 2012, Hunan Province, the graphite Union standard review will be held in Miluo. At that time by Miluo City Quality Supervision Bureau and Miluo carbon industry association is responsible for the preparation of the graphite, and the graphite special-shaped pieces of "Union standards smooth through the expert panel, became the Hunan Province, the first enterprise alliance standards.

Miluo Hunan is through the path of innovation and industry development, to enhance the technical potential of carbon companies, to find a new breakthrough in carbon industry.

Surging momentum based"

Miluo Hunan development of carbon industry, power base, is through the construction of high technology potential to seek business development height, and thus promote the entire Miluo carbon industry to accelerate the forward.

Founded in May 2010, Miluo City, China First Carbon Co., Ltd. since September 2012 started a major economic significance of technological innovation projects, new materials technology innovation projects. "This project is the introduction of major equipment from Germany, in the production of ultrafine graphite new material to occupy a very important position." Deng Xianru further told reporters: "ultra fine graphite bipolar plate and the traditional graphite bipolar plate, its electric conductivity and flexural strength were increased by 70% and 60%, the overall performance is greatly improved, and filled the domestic production of graphite / resin composite bipolar plate blank. Ultra - fine graphite crucible products are not only used to increase the service life of the traditional crucible, and cost savings of 20%."

Industry experts have pointed out that China's first Carbon Co., Ltd. to carry out technological upgrading, advanced technology and equipment, the introduction of carbon industry, to promote the upgrading of the growth mode to play a positive role. Key technology breakthroughs in this project to promote the entire graphite deep processing industry technology upgrade, in line with the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and the Ministry of industry and technology to carry out the work of the special work of industrial revitalization and technological transformation, the requirements.

Similarly, Xin Xiang carbon products Co., Ltd. has obtained five national patents, has declared two international patents. Company products include high quality graphite carburant and non - standard special graphite products, graphite negative electrode materials for lithium ion batteries and continuous graphite of production technology and equipment research and development and promotion.

"Compared with the domestic industry production process, Xin Xiang carbon with fully independent intellectual property rights of the international leading technology, the relative traditional industrial process saving more than 72%, reduce pollution emissions over 95%, saving water resources of more than 80%." Li said that the company's products in addition to the occupation of the domestic market, but also self - export of the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and other 17 countries and regions, by the majority of users.

It is reported that the company's waste of high sulfur petroleum coke continuous graphite production of high quality graphite materials technology and equipment in 2012 by the national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of industry and the Ministry of the four ministries jointly listed below the first 42 key circular economy technology, process and equipment.

In recent years, the Miluo carbon industry in accordance with the "three five" (raw material purchasing alliance, product price alliance, science and technology innovation alliance, financing, scale, technology, efficient type, environmental protection type) direction steady development, showing a momentum of vigorous development.

2009, Miluo Hunan carbon enterprises should be a strong demand for industry self-regulation. Under the guidance of the government, Miluo City, the establishment of carbon industry association, there are currently a total of 19 carbon companies, in 2012, the total industrial output value of 5689000000 yuan, an increase of 12.58%, has become China's carbon industry, an important force for the development of.

China colored net

Development of the booster"

Good strategy, the path is a strong industry development". Miluo municipal government in tax return, the same to the treatment of circular economy industry, the implementation of the levy five back to five, boosting carbon industry bigger and stronger.

To this end, Miluo Hunan established the "one two three four five" project objectives, that is, with 3~5 years, the carbon into ten billion industry, the formation of two listing Corporation, the growth of 30 scale enterprises, a breakthrough four technologies, to achieve tax 500000000 yuan.

Miluo through investment, technological innovation,

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