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Heilongjiang graphite resources whole and difficult companie
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Editor's note: as China's Graphite resources in the province, Heilongjiang province in recent years, the integration of graphite resources almost into stagnation. Although the local government continues to promote the integration of graphite resources, but the market participants are more and more. In the view of Heilongjiang Province graphite industry association secretary general Chen Yuqun, all companies are "zhanshanweiwang". Where is the integration of graphite resources difficult? To this end, the Securities Times reporter on the main source of Heilongjiang graphite resources in Jixi city and Hegang city conducted a field visit.

Securities Times reporter Yu Shengliang

Two sessions this year, a proposal was transferred to Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Province graphite industry association secretary general Chen Yuqun table, Jixi Province, Heilongjiang province people's Congress hopes to determine the local graphite resource integration object, as soon as possible the issuance of mining warrants.

But Chen Yuqun could not answer this question, he did not even know how many of the final number of graphite companies involved in the integration, it can not determine the process. In fact, the intention of the integration of graphite resources in Jixi city has been caught in an embarrassing situation: Mining warrants have been in the 2009~2010 years, it is said that the local illegal mining.

At the same time, Heilongjiang Province, Hegang Province, graphite resources, Shuangyashan, Qitaihe, and other regions, is constantly a new role in the entry, which is lack of iron resources such central enterprises.

Although the local government continues to promote the integration of graphite resources, but the market participants are more and more. In Chen Yuqun's opinion, enterprises around the world are "zhanshanweiwang".

Heilongjiang province determines the scale of the graphite market structure, the current distribution of scale graphite ore production has 22, the vast majority of high-quality flake graphite, reserves of 11.46 tons, accounting for more than 60% of the country's graphite ore dressing total capacity of about 500000 tons, the total output of about 2/3 of total output.

Integration is difficult

Heilongjiang Province, graphite resources and production capacity is mainly concentrated in Jixi and Hegang, so the integration of graphite resources are mainly seen in the above two.

Starting in 2007, the local government began to set up the integration of graphite resources, from 2009 to 2010, the original graphite mining rights expires, Jixi city to stop for new mining rights. Local enterprises responsible person, so far has been 5 years of mining warrants closed.

Local original plan has 4 main integration, its method is the introduction of new enterprises, and will be bundled with the original enterprise. However, the market pattern has changed.

Securities Times reporter from Jixi City, the information obtained from the Municipal Bureau of industry and Information Commission, the Heilongjiang Provincial Bureau of land and resources decided to approve 18 mining warrants. This is based on the original 24 of the integration of the 9, 3 new.

This is a certain gap with the original idea. But local officials believe that this result is in line with the actual situation of the local choice. "Individual bosses say a lot of close, but the local government to consider more realistic problems, the development is for the people need." Local officials said, some integration in the overall view is feasible, but it is not necessarily appropriate for the specific."

This also means that the local government to respect the existing pattern, to take a more realistic solution, the majority of graphite companies can also like before the production of. Although the national Ministry of industry in November 21, 2012 released on the graphite industry access conditions, and the Interim Measures for the administration of the graphite industry access announcement to the graphite industry, but according to the Heilongjiang Province recently screened, the capacity of the graphite production capacity is not high.

"Some of the most busy recently, because a lot of companies are being added to the application materials." Chen Yuqun said.

Dispute over Liu Mao

Jixi City, around the local maximum of Liumao graphite deposit, staged a drama contest, still no end.

Before Yunshan graphite mine is located in Hegang Luobei Liumao mine has been proven, is Asia's largest coal mine. Yunshan graphite mine 6.36 tons of proven reserves, Liumao graphite ore reserves of 2.53 tons. The latter's mining history can be traced back to the period of Japanese occupation, the Japanese in 1936 to build two production lines, Jixi city has become an important source of graphite in china.

About 40 minutes drive from Jixi airport to Liu Mao mine. Now today's Liu Mao ore is very dilapidated, plant and roads are in the dust, direct Jixi City bus, where the original is a small society, built hospitals, schools and so on.

According to local people, although the mine has been suspended, but the mine did not stop production, the government allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars is difficult to maintain operations, the government had to "tacit" its continued production.

As early as 1999, Hongkong mineral resources (China) Co., Ltd. (responsible for Ren Xiaofeng) and the Jixi municipal state-owned enterprises Liu Mao graphite ore were 60%: 40% of the joint venture set up a joint venture Jixi Liu Mao graphite Resources Co., Ltd., joint exploitation of Liu Mao graphite.

In 2008, the local government to introduce China Baoan Group, a subsidiary of Shenzhen beiterui new energy materials Co., Ltd., because at that time BTR in the production of lithium battery materials has become more and more famous, you can open up the graphite industry downstream market.

Jixi city government promised 100% equity transfer to China Baoan, including their own hands of 60% and 40% of Ren Xiaofeng. But Xiao Feng Ren does not want to quit, when local government in September 2009 of 40% stake held by the auction, Liaoning Province Dashiqiao Jinlong Refractories Co., Ltd. to 789 million bid is successful, the government intends to China Baoan bid to 45 million yuan is no longer placards.

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