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China (Shanxi) coke export symposium held in Taiyuan
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To implement the provincial government "on further promote industrial steady growth several measures of notice" Jin Zhengfa [2015]36 on "strengthening the coke export trade docking, and strive to annual export shipments exceeded 800 million tons" requirements, on the morning of October 15, the provincial by letter Committee and Provincial Department of Commerce, China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce jointly held by China (Shanxi) coke export forum cum China Minmetals chemicals import and Export Chamber of Commerce Branch of coke sixth seven times enlarged meeting of the Council. Vice governor Wang Yixin attended the meeting and delivered a speech. International and domestic coke export traders 23, the province of coking production enterprises 35 households participated in the discussion.

Coke industry as one of the four pillar industries of the province of traditional, since there are problems of production, import and export volume is small, the more faces downward pressure on the macro economy continued to increase, the risk of multiple difficulties and challenges are intertwined. The meeting set up a platform for the docking of coking enterprises and domestic and foreign coke export traders, foreign representatives were invited to introduce the market and domestic coke supply and demand market and domestic, Shanxi coke procurement, the provincial enterprises on behalf of the focus on the status quo, process equipment and product quality, the two sides through in-depth communication to express the intention of further cooperation, the forum has achieved significant results. The meeting analyzed the current situation and problems of coking industry, coke production and export in China. The departments, associations and business representatives, and the economic globalization, trade liberalization, regional economic integration, and how to promote the overall competitiveness of the coking industry from different angles, put forward opinions and suggestions. Meeting that is affected by the global economic downturn, domestic economic slowdown, steel demand lack of multiple factors, the future international coke market overall stabilization, the increase in volume and pressure, prices will remain low, lack of demand, weakness continues and the competitive situation in the short term is difficult to change, coke production and trade enterprises to continue to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, efforts to regulate the management order, and resolutely put an end to the malicious suppression of prices and disorderly competition, jointly cope with difficult challenges, achieve a win-win development. After the meeting, the province's coking enterprises and foreign representatives to carry out specific, targeted negotiations docking, to further deepen mutual understanding, part of the foreign representatives also in-depth Xiaoyi coking Park conducted field research.

Wang Yixin at the forum pointed out that Shanxi is China's coke production province, export supply accounted for more than 80% of the country, but the proportion of export enterprises in the province is low. I hope that we can focus on how to change from the coke production in Shanxi province to foreign trade export province, many ideas, think of ways to make the province's coke export capacity has a significant change and upgrade. Coking enterprises in the province to strengthen the communication and cooperation with the domestic and foreign large-scale coke trade enterprises, emancipate the mind, change ideas, to make better use of international and domestic markets, homeopathy, "borrowed boat sea, strengthen the overseas marketing network construction, to enhance the level of international operation of enterprises, enhance coke export competitiveness. Governments at all levels and relevant departments to around the coke import and export work carefully combed and control developed areas to find out their shortcomings, and actively cultivate coke trade leading enterprises, to co-ordinate domestic and international markets, do a good job in the domestic and export two article, really improve my province has long been the coke yield, the export volume of small situation, to fully optimize the service environment, decentralization, alleviate the burden on enterprises and other aspects of afterburning efficiency, and constantly improve the level of trade facilitation, promoting the steady growth of coke in our province foreign trade.

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