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Coking coal daily: coke coking coal to maintain a weak shock
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Although the decline in steel prices slowed, but due to the high iron ore prices, steel mills losses, resulting in coke prices continued to suffer steel pressure. Past ten main changes in the position to see, coke 1601 contracts pupil main show increased space reduction pattern, clearance positions declined slightly, coking coal contract 1601 main long, slightly overweight, clearance positions declined slightly. Domestic coke spot market as a whole weak stable operation, there is a slight fill in the region of North china. Domestic coking coal market is weak, the main producing areas of coking coal prices remain stable. Domestic steel prices fell slightly, the port iron ore spot no change. September national coke production fell by 8.8%, a decline of far more than pig iron and crude steel, but this year, the steel mills have not opened the winter raw materials, so that coking enterprises are still under great pressure. The coking coal prices relatively strong, coking enterprises and loss rate increase, but the coke prices still need to wait for steel prices to stabilize, we recommend investors to short-term operation based, midline investors can consider small positions buying coal 1601 contract, premium convergence positions. Arbitrage, in view of coal chars 1 in spot prices tend to be more strong and the char excess in the first half of next year is difficult to reverse, can maintain buy coal 1601 contracts throwing 1605 contract arbitrage operation

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