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To realize the management of coke coke trade atresia
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Newspaper Taiyuan on September 29 message Shanjiao coke distribution company actively promoting the implementation of the coal linkage, pin trade integration, open up the province of the coking coal market sales channels, realization of coal, coke, unified sales, unified billing, unified reimbursement and payment of coal all by coke payment payment, the internal circulation of the capital flow, closed management. Since April this year, Shanxi coking coke distribution company signed a contract to 96.5 million tons, actual transportation 77.1 million tons, 3.59 billion yuan of the total amount of sales, is expected to gross profit on sales of 73.146 million yuan.

Since the beginning of this year, Shanxi coking coke distribution company in Shanxi Coking Coal Group "11236" development strategy, and actively implement the "coal with coke, in order to promote coal coke, coal linkage, collaborative development" strategic deployment and coal coking pin trade linkage will promote the spirit, take advantage of Shanxi coking coke and province coking enterprises long-term cooperation, give full play to the cooperation process in familiar with each other, rely on each other relationship, province coking coal coking enterprises procurement channels to achieve the changes to the Shanxi Coking Coal Group coal overall procurement by the procurement of local coal mines.

Shanxi coking coke distribution company in sales to on the basis of coke coking enterprises to increase its supply of coal business, the formation of coal coke steel coal closed trade chain. At the same time, they use the raw coal - coke - steel industry chain supply and financial services, marketing services, after-sales service and other means to attract customers, customers, especially for the end customer to provide perfect, detailed product information and satisfaction with the full service.

In coal sales, they use Ping An Bank trade chain business to extend the distribution of the company's trade chain, to sell to the right of coke as a risk prevention point, while controlling the downstream buyer's market, to prevent the risk of coal supply. Sales of coke, they for some financial difficulties in the operation and cooperation intention of steel, relying on the advantages of state-owned enterprises and third-party pallet sales, advance the implementation of the policy and follow the collection after the first delivery of the principle, shipments of not more than the amount of the advance payment.

To keep abreast of the business process, Shanjiao coke distribution company established ledger management refinement, business weekly issued by the coal linkage business list, from contract to delivery, settlement and payment of full tracking, monitoring, monitor coke and coal shipments between matches, and the amount of arrears to ensure receivable coke money than cope with coal, financial payment to provide the basis, better guard against risks in the business process.

To guard against financial risks, Shanjiao coke distribution company formulated the receivable (prepaid) accounts early warning mechanism, payment in 90 days or more units divided into three grades to send out a warning collection letter; to corporate credit funds or trade capital chain units are used for long-term business cooperation, based on the use of funds amount is estimated monthly trading volume bottom line and payment control line monthly in accordance with the book completed number and in the number of transit, the amount of fill in the distribution of trade finance risk early warning indicators table ", when the actual value is lower than the control values, make early warning response as soon as possible to inform industry affairs department is responsible for people and report to the manager of the office of response measures.

In the future, Shanxi coking coke distribution company will continue to implement the "coal linkage," the general requirements, develop new coking enterprise customers under the guarantee funds withdrawal from circulation, firmly according to the progress of the implementation of the annual target responsibility system, further improve the task urgency, to refine the task to the monthly and weekly to quantify departments and individuals strive to achieve substantial growth in sales of coal, to create greater efficiency. (Li Jia Liu Yuan)

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