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Shanxi coke export price picks up
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Washington (reporter correspondent Xu Jing He Yumei) in September 16th, the reporter learned from Taiyuan customs, this year 1-8 month, Shanxi Province, export coke 553000 tons, compared with the same period last year decreased by 15.6%, over the same period, the national coke exports 6130000 tons, an increase of 21.7%. According to the receipt and delivery unit caliber statistics, Shanxi Province, exports of coke 5309000 tons, accounting for 86.6% of the country's exports.

India, Japan, Brazil, Shanxi Province, coke exports to the main trading partners. 1-8 months, the export value of India, Japan, Brazil market value of 89.6%.

In addition, as the main source of China's exports of coke. 1-8 month, Shanxi Province, the export of coke 5309000 tons, accounting for 86.6% of the country's exports.

It is understood that, in August, Shanxi's main coking enterprises coke prices increased 30-50 yuan / ton, high quality coke prices increased by 90 yuan / ton, which is the first increase in coke prices, but also in April this year, the domestic coke prices continued to fall, the market for the first time bottomed out.

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