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Taiyuan clean coke test experience in the promotion of the p
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From the provincial Commission by letter informed that the promotion of the use of clean coke in Taiyuan city recently held a forum. Province, the city by the letter of the relevant person in charge, clean coke production and transportation enterprises responsible person to participate in the forum, on the promotion of clean coke in our city to discuss the use of the work carried out.

According to the introduction, after six months of research and development and testing, clean coke production test has been successfully achieved, the test burning and reduction effect is obvious, compared with raw coal, soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions are significantly decreased. At present, Taiyuan city have been identified in Shanxi Yaxin Energy Group Co., Ltd. and Shanxi Coking Coal Group Wulin coal development limited liability company clean coke production enterprises, Taiyuan coke company for service providers, this year is expected to supply 70 million tons of clean coke production, to ensure the city six district and Economic Zone villages (shanty towns), rural area and nursery school so coal-fired unit boiler heating in winter use.

The use of clean coke will make a positive role in improving the air quality of the provincial capital. Provincial Commission by letter of the person in charge, Taiyuan City, on the basis of the successful test, further control of clean coke production costs, good data collection and finishing work for the province and other provinces and cities to promote the use of clean coke to lay a good foundation.

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