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The valuable resources of enterprises are talents. Chino Minerals Corporation will provide a broad space for staff to display talent, design a reasonable career planningand provide a good working environment and competitive salaryto help each employee to create performance, so as to realize the value of your own. Welcome to join us!

Jobs and careers at Chino Minerals Corporation

Sales people of business department    20

1 college degree or above.

2 over threeyears working experience in sales, people who has sales team management experience is preferred.

3 strong communication skills, marketing ability, customer service awareness.


1, understand the situation of mineral products, chemicals and other related products in international trade marke.

2, have the ability to maintain the old customers, to develop customers in a short time;

3, with strong communication and coordination skills, strong market development ability and rich experience in the market, familiar to the sales of all aspects , smooth operation.according to sales analysis, market feedback information and market inspection situation can forecast market dynamics. Be able to study and select foreign customers, establish market network. Advanced sales negotiation skills.

4, independent complete the sales task.

5 good communication skills in English.

Assistant Manager / Secretary      5

Job responsibilities

1 assistant general manager to complete the company system construction, organize and coordinate the drafting and revision of the company management system, submit the file to general manager and meeting to discuss, and record the resolution, until the formation of the final system and send it to related people, responsible for the implementation of the organization and management system, organization draft other important documents and submit to general manager.

2 responsible for arranging and attending manager meeting, business meeting, and documented, submitt the report to general manager for approval, responsible for the supervision and inspection the implementation of the decision, and report to the general manager or manager in a timely.

3 company's internal information communication and coordination, responsible for grasp the company's statistical data and internal dynamics timely, provide  work report regularly, organization information delivery work and archives office documents.

4 participate in the creation of corporate culture atmosphere,promote and strength the company's core values.


1 Bachelor degree in law, English or finance is preferred.

2 5 years working experience, in general manager assistant working experience is preferred.

3 good image, honest, cheerful, have a strong sense of responsibility.

4 Good execution, strict logical thinking ability and strong coordination ability, good English written and oral expression ability

Foreign trade documents clerk    10


1 take order and exam and review the relevant information of documents from customers. responsible for change, customs declaration, inspection, suitcase, inspection and so on a series of port operation of the document.

2 responsible for business correspondence, contract filing;

3 contact the customer, timely feedback customer information;

4 other related work assigned by superiors.


1 college degree or above, major in international trade, business English related majors.

2 3 years working experience in the relevant field of trade documents, foreign related working experience is preferred.

3 familiar with foreign trade documents operation process,  the letter of credit and related knowledge, have a certain financial foundation knowledge is preferred.

4 skilled written expression skills, proficiency in office software.

5 meticulous, rigorous, have strong work enthusiasm and sense of responsibility.

Welcome to contact us, salary negotiable.

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